Coding robots made with Robotori can be implemented, and coding education can be fun


Entertaining Coding



It's our self development model available to embed a program, it has an excellent extendibility between board.



It's a basic coding program that can learnthe direction and movement of
DC motorby connecting a mobile app and bluetooth.


It's the most widely used scratch in the world andsupports
S4A(Scartch for Arduino).

Rokids Plus

Rokids Plus is an upgrade version of Rokids App which is for basic coding only using DC motors, and Rokids Plus teaches advanced coding by adding the function of sensors.


We support a coding education program called ENTRY
developed by Naver.


It’s a coding program that can learn various movements by using servo motors
and different kinds of input/output sensors through mobile coding.

Robotori Arduino

Robotori Arduino : ROBOTORI Arduino Platform
ROBOTORI Arduino supports Arduino platform, so it can be programmed by using Arduino IDE. It is also ideal for a wide range of projects related to IOT, because it has Bluetooth and Motor driver.

RoCo's 3.0

Since Scratch 3.0 has improved UX than Scratch 2.0, anyone can learn coding easily, and even beginners who are new to coding can learn coding very easily. This is compatible with ROBOTORI products, children can create their own games and animations and share them with others online.


Users can control ROBOTORI models by using Labview developed by National Instrument.

Robotori Alexa

Alexa Robotori is developed based on Amazon Alexa open source.
You can use the app to command by voice and it has English version.


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Posted April 06, 2017