Brand Story

ROBOTORI is an educational toy brand that learns robotics through play.



ROBOTORI is Robot + Story, meaning 'Robot Dori', a brand To create an endless stories of robots.
Free cell, the core of Robotori, was developed with the principle that Robotori can freely combine cells to make perfect robots, as hundreds of millions of cells gather together to form our bodies.


Make it Come true

ROBOTORI is a brand of educational robots and realizing a dream of a world where children can be happy with the best value for creative thinking + fun + problem solving abilities + creative education to achieve those dreams.

Core Value

  • Creativity

    The value of dreams is realized by Robotori's creativity, which is represented by the Free Cell.

  • Infinite Possibilities

    The possibility of a new educational toy can be willed to reality.

  • Challenge and Enthusiasm

    With awareness of change, we are stepping forward with our constant challenge and passion.

  • Play in Education

    An educational Vision is presented showing experience, thinking, and is awoken by play

  1. Creative toys to think and learn independently.

    Robotori allow kids think and make themselves, and make This will help them develop the abaility and crearivity to think through experiences. Children will grow up with problem-solving abilites, confidence, and a sense of challerge while builing a variety of success.

  2. Systematic educational platform

    Various educational platforms are designed connected with ROBOTORI products in order to provide interesting contents and systematic product support. Kids will be interested in coding and robotics with a step-by-step educational curriculum that begins as soon as they meet ROBOTORI.

  3. STEAM

    We believe STEAM ROBOTORI education can help children's future.
    With ROBOTORI based STEAM education, children will learn the principles of motors, gears and sensors, and experience SW education, to become qualified as creative fusion talents.

  4. Robotics to learn through play

    ROBOTORI is an educational toy brand that presents fun, easy robotics, programming, and curriculum through play. Robotics specialists, teachers, and engineers participate in product and educational content development.


A Combination of the Typo Logo Symbolizing Robotori's Free cell

Robotori's new BI was manufactured as Robotori's unique font links Robotori's Free-cell to a linguistic and visual system, For ROBOTORI's differentiation, the image of the nature of assembly and octagonal shape of Free-cell was expressed.

  • CMYK Color : C5 M0 Y76 K0

    RGB Color : R247 G238 B96

    HEX Color : #F7EE60

  • CMYK Color : C100 M20 Y0 K0

    RGB Color : R0 G149 B218

    HEX Color : #0095DA

  • CMYK Color : C0 M87 Y34 K0

    RGB Color : R239 G72 B115

    HEX Color : #EF4873

philosophies of education

A Better World for Children

Robotori products and educational philosophies will be created together.

It is created together with Robotori's products and educational philosophies. For children who are growing up as global leaders in the future, Robotori is constantly researching and developing in order to let them challenge new dreams and develop dreams with exciting and fun play and success experiences. Robotori is designed to develop creative thinking and problem solving abilities through play and experience. We are focused on increasing enjoyable learning to raise interset in children.


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Posted April 06, 2017