The potential and possibility of a child will be built by Robotori.

Robotori is a scientific play technology that is built on children's dreams.

  • Special feature of
    octagonal design

    Free Cell is made from years of
    research and development patents
    that expresses Robotori's
    unique identity.

  • Extraordinary

    The octagonal studs and
    cells can be extended in any direction,
    making so that various models can be
    created and operated.

  • Freedom of connection
    and separation

    For free cell disassembly,
    a separation tool allows
    for easy separation.

  • Scientific principle

    It is easy and fun to explore
    scientific principles
    apart from the conventional
    complex assembly method.


특수셀, 헤비셀, 기어, 연결부, 축, 바퀴, 전자부, 라이트셀
  • Creative Thinking

  • Robotics

  • Training Software

  • Problem-Solving Skills



At ROBOTORI, we believe that early exposure to STEAM education is critically important to prepare children for a fast changing, digital world.

    Understanding scientific principles learn through play

  • technology

    Improving mathematical knowledge scientific logic


    Strategic thinking in Engineering and Technology using Cell
    and Axles

  • ART

    Growing artistic sense of shape and color combination

  • MATH

    Understanding of various assemblies and mathematical


  • STEP 01
    Introduction Understanding free cell
    It is a step to assemble the model by observing its feature simplifying its feature. It is a course to learn cell structure and how to assemble through assembling the free cell and to understand how to use the tool for disassembly.
  • STEP 02
    Basic Principle and understanding of gear and axle
    It is a step to make the model of manual mobility in use of the gear, axle and connecting jack. It is a course to understand the respective role of power transmitting of the connected gear, axle and connection jack.
  • STEP 03
    Middle grade Utilization of DC motor and electronic parts
    It is a step to learn how to use the electronic parts and to make the mobility model by using DC motor. It is a course to know the mechanism of revolution and power transmission depending on deceleration or acceleration through understanding of the DC motor and gear mechanism.
  • STEP 04
    High grade Utilization of servo motor
    It is a step to make the model move with servo motor. It is a course to understand the servo motor mechanism and to identify the model movement depending on angle adjustment.
  • STEP 05
    Application Understanding and use of the sensor
    It is a step to input/output the reaction of model by using many sensors. It is a ideal to know the types of sensor adopted in the Robotori product and to realize the movement of various robots by applying the functions of the sensor.
  • STEP 06
    Coding Understanding on the coding education
    It is a step to operate the model by means of algorithm made with software program. It is a course to understand and to learn the coding education through the step wise education system.


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