Terms of Use

These are the use of general terms on the internet operated by Robotori Co., Ltd.

ROBOTORI, Terms & Condition

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms are for the purpose of defining the rights, duties, and responsibilities of Robotori and for users using the services provided on the Robotori website.

Article 2 (Definition)

Definition of terms used shall be defined in the relevant laws and regulations and in the service specific information except as provided in this Article. "Users" are collectively referred to as service recipients who accesse, Robotori website, including members, and receives, services provided by Robotori in accordance with these terms of use.

Article 3 (Specification and amendment of terms)

(1) Robotori shall amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws on Regulation of Terms, Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc.
(2) If these Terms and Conditions are amended, Robotori shall specify the date of application and reasons for revision, and notify them on the initial screen of Robotori website along with the current terms and conditions from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date.
(3) If these Terms and Conditions are amended, the amendment shall be effective from the effective date, pre-revision terms shall apply for matters that occurred before that. However, if a user wishes to be subject to the provisions of the amendment clause by accessing Robotori's website within the notice period regulated in section
(4), the revised terms shall apply.
(5) The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and commercial practice in force at that time.

Article 4 (Providing service and change)

Robotori provides the following services to users.
A. All information about Robotori is provided on the Robotori website.

Article 5 (Service interruption)

(1) In the event of maintenance, replacement, breakdown of computer and information communication equipment, communication disruption, etc. Robotori shall temporarily suspend service offer.
(2) Due to the reasons mentioned in section (1), Robotori shall not take responsibilities for damages incurred by users or any third party as a result in temporary suspension of service offer. If Robotori has any intentional or gross negligence related to them, shall take responsibilities for it.

Article 6 (Personal information protection)

As required by applicable law, Robotori shall endeavor to protect user's personal information including user registration information. For the protection of the user's personal information, it is based on the "Robotori Personal Information Management Policy" which is separately regulated by Robotori or related laws.

Article 7 (Robotori’s duty)

(1) Robotori shall not engage in acts that are prohibited by laws and public order and good morals. Robotori will do our best to provide consistent, reliable service and information as regulated in these Terms and Conditions.
(2) Robotori makes every effort to have a security system to protect every member's personal information to help members securely access internet services and mail.
(3) Robotori will not send commercial e-mails for commercial purposes if a member explicitly declines to receive.
(4) Robotori shall not take any responsibility for service use obstacles caused by member’s fault and problems that occur to the member due to the hyper-linked website for the convenience of the users on this website, and shall not take any responsibility to users except as otherwise regulated in these Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 (User’s duty)

Users shall not do the followings :
A. One on one inquiries and recruitment, offer false contents when receiving an inquiry about affiliation.
B. Arbitrary change of information posted on Robotori without an approval of Robotori.
C. Sending or posting information other than information designated by Robotori as permitted.
D. Unauthorized use of the works on the Robotori website and infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and other third party copyrights.
E. Damage the honor of Robotori and other third parties and doing business interruptions.
F. Disclosing or posting pornography or violent messages, images, voices any information that is against other public order and good morals on Robotori website.

Article 9 (Restriction on the use of copyright and its use)

(1) Other copyrights and intellectual property rights for works created by Robotori shall belong to Robotori including Robotori website.
(2) By using the Robotori website, users shall not use information obtained from Robotori website for commercial purposes or let any third party use by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or otherwise without an explicit prior approval of Robotori and shall be responsible for all damages incurred to Robotori due to a breach of this section.

Article 10 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

(1) Litigation related to any dispute arising between Robotori and its users shall be brought to the court of competent jurisdiction of Robotori or the court to which the parties agree.
(2) These terms shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea.

Additional rules
2017.04.06 Article 1 (Effective Date) These terms will be effective April 06, 2017.


Unauthorized collection of e-mail

To collect unauthorized e-mail addresses posted on this site, using e-mail collecting programs or other technical devices is not allowed. Please note that violation of this law will be penalized by the Information and Communication Network Act.

Posted April 06, 2017