Personal Information Management Policy

Robotori values the personal information of users who use the service, and will do its best to protect user’s personal information.

ROBOTORI, Privacy Policy

1. Consent to collect and discard personal information

- Robotori does not collect personal information without user consent, and personal information collected is treated as a secret, except in the case of a request by law.
- Consent to collect personal information
To provide a procedure which the user can click the "I agree" or "I do not agree" buttons on Robotori's personal information management policy or terms of use. If user clicks on the "I agree" button, Robotori regards to consent to collect personal information.

2. How to collect items of personal information

1) Robotori is collecting the following personal information for Robotori users' smooth product use and customer consultation, complaint handling.
- Essential information: email, mobile phone number.

3. Collection of personal information and use purpose

1) The personal information collected by Robotori is used for purposes to reply to customer inquiries and consultation requests, or to view service usage history for consultation.

4. Use purpose of personal information

- The personal information provided by the user is used to provide more accurate service, and not be provided for any other purpose other than the purposes regulated in the Terms of Use or to third parties without user’s approval. However, in the following cases, may be shared with third parties exceptionally.
1) In case there is a request from the relevant authorities for investigation purposes under the relevant laws and regulations.
2) In case there is a request according to the procedures regulated in other relevant laws and regulations.
- If user’s personal information is provided to a third party, Robotori shall notify the user a person who is provided, providing purpose and information content to provide through the website in advance, obtain the consent and do not provide any information without user’s consent.

5. Retention period and usage period of personal information

When the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, users personal information will be destroyed without delay, except in cases that it is necessary to preserve, according to relevant laws or company internal policies.

6. Sharing and providing personal information

In principle, personal information collected from users shall be used only for the purposes specified in the service and Terms of Use, however, in case that is requested by law, decided to be equivalent to this, advance notice and consent process must be gone through.

* A person in charge of managing personal information
Name : Kim, Seho
Department : Management Planning Department
contact : 053-721-7713
E-mail :

Additional rules
2017.04.06 This policy will be effective April 06, 2017.


Unauthorized collection of e-mail

To collect unauthorized e-mail addresses posted on this site, using e-mail collecting programs or other technical devices is not allowed. Please note that violation of this law will be penalized by the Information and Communication Network Act.

Posted April 06, 2017